Psychological assessments

Psychological assessments

Do you need support in recruitment-related decision making? Want to get a more holistic view of the people you’re leading? Psychological assessments are the way forward!

I’ve conducted over 1000 psychological assessments over the years, working directly for globally operating companies, and as psychologist subcontractor for various professional services companies.


My fees are following:

  • Second opinion (interview only), 1000 € + VAT
  • Psychological assessment for expert or managerial roles, 1500 € + VAT
  • Psychological assessment for leadership roles, 2000 € + VAT


I use the following methods and tools in my multimethod assessments:

  • Competency- and value-based interviews (based on jointly defined key competencies and values)
  • Role-specific case exercises and work simulations (agreed with client)
  • Personality questionnaires
  • Motivation and values questionnaires
  • Integrity and morality tests
  • Ability tests (reasoning, verbal and numerical skills)
  • Language tests (spoken and written; English, Finnish & Swedish)

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